About Us

Organic Guild Ltd.

Since 2010, our family based group of companies have established now famous brands of aromatherapy vapor and diffuser pens for the USA market. Although Founder Sifu Dai Léon and the company's Portland based bioVapour facility established the field, we have in fact always been headquartered in beautiful New Zealand.

While our bioactive vapour liquid production for 3rd party brands has been most notable -- we practically invented the nicotine-and-cannabis-free field of terpene bio-vapor aromatherapy -- Organic Guild actually does so much more.

We Interconnect Spheres Of Life. 

Our operations enable Guild Members to...

  • Grow and/or exclusively partner with growers of high value plants.
  • Process feedstock to prepare it for bio-active extraction.
  • Extract the bio-actives from processed feedstock, e.g. essential oils and more viscous absolutes.
  • Sell non-bioactive parts of the feedstock to global distributors, e.g. cacao butter for the chocolate industry.
  • Manufacture vapor liquid, liquid drops and solid products for people and their pets using bio-active extracts, vegetable glycerin and healthy vegan, GMO-free fats such as hemp seed oil and cacao butter.
  • Package products both in bulk for B2B sales and in retail-ready units.
  • Use New Zealand as test and promotional market but focus on mass markets of Asia, particularly China.
  • Design specialty store front models – on-line and brick-and-mortar – where bio-active blends of liquid products can be customised for both wholesale and retail clients.
  • Blockchain the whole supply & value chain, which means integrate all of the databases and agreements between suppliers and value-add services and enable permissioned, transparent access and consensual changes to be made to the agreements.