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An o●pods® Essential Infuser™ serves as the best way to deliver bioactive Aromatherapy Essences into your mind's Sixth Sense.
Our latest 
Essential Infuser is the safest, easiest way to bring health and well-being into your life.

o●pods® are:

  • Ultra-compact & light 
  • Discreetly comfortable even when walking & in public
  • Refillable, easy, chunky tiny, long lasting, leak proof
  • MicroUSB charged
  • Wearable with built-in necklace connector and Nine Power Essential Infusion ingredients come from non-GMO, organically grown, and/or sustainably harvested, wildcrafted plants. Our US facility mostly uses Oregon-Tilth Certified Organic processors, with plants grown internationally being verified organic by region-specific organisations. Plants are processed into essential oils via steam distillation or CO2 extraction without the use of alcohol. Our cacao absolute may use organic grape seed spirits in a co-solvent method, with all spirits then being removed.

Simply puff to infuse organic effects of lush aromatic essences ...

Feels like Bliss, draws like a Kiss, Infuses like Love 

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o●pods® Essential Infuser

o●pods® Essential Infuser


Alchemi's Organic Guild partners have worked over the years with famous quality controlled certified hardware manufacturers to design personal, stylish biotech that meets the exacting specifications required for bioactive aromatherapy Essential Infusion. Cacao + Essential Oils infused into..

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( 14ml size exclusive to US retailers )groundbreaking bioactive cacao + essential oil infusionno nicotine | zero synthetics Purified of fatty lipids and non-bioactive plant material. Using Organic Guild's proprietary methods and best practices for Raw CACAO extraction, purificati..

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