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100 Days of Stress-free Bliss ... the most cost-effective and creative way to imbibe aromatically therapeutic cacao with expertly formulated botanical synergies. 100 Days o●pods® Kit includes an EQs vapour infuser made by Innokin. This is the best personal botanical infuser made. Nine vials of concentrated  botanic-infused VG, many including a uniquely effective full-spectrum extract of BCP beta-caryophellene, activating the immune system's CB2 endocannabinoid receptor.

    Explore a new field of superb Generally Recognised As Safe aroma-therapeutics delivered direct to your olfactory and endocannabinoid systems. is the only vapour product on the market that does this while being 100% cannabis and tobacco free.

    Our 100 Days o●pods® Kit s includes Innokin's scientifically designed high-tech system:

    ֎ Elegant, slim and sleek, slipping right into your pocket & purse and feeling fabulous to hold.

    ֎ Eco‐designed for reuse and long life.

    ֎ Precision heating and temperature regulation.

    ֎ Made for easy airflow allowing bioactive vapour infusions to work by drawing in lightly  -- like sipping a straw -- and breathing slowly out of the nose

    Cacao & Terpenoid bioactives affect our upper-respiratory olfactory neuro-receptors in the most natural way possible, without need for alcohol, chemicals, nicotine or caffeine, sugars, fats, salts, etc.

    o●pods® are best experienced through "mouth-to-nose" puffing, think sipping and breathing the finest of teas.

    EQs Infuser:

    • Ultra-Compact & Light-weights
    • 2ml Refillable Pod
    • PLEX3D Next Generation Mesh Coil
    • 3 Wattage Levels (Green 11.5W, Blue 13.5W, Purple 15.5W) -- Note: We recommend using the lowest setting for best flavour. Special formulas, however, handle the middle setting just fine. 
    • 800mAh Battery with MicroUSB Charge
    • Tri-Color Battery Capacity Indicator

    Kit Includes:

    • 9x 2 Dram Vials & Dropper caps 
    • 1x EQs Rechargeable Battery(800mAh)
    • 3x EQ PLEX3D Pod (0.48Ω/2ml)
    • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
    • 1x User Manual Packet

    Feels Like Bliss, Draws Like A Kiss, Infuses Like Love 

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