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EMBODY is sweetly earthy, floral and exotic to open and settle the senses. Relaxing and sensualising. 

Each of the Nine Powers has a specific aromatherapy bio-active terpene profile

This packaged o●pods® includes 4ml EMBODY Nine Powers™ Infusion Vapour in amber glass vial with dropper cap with 2ml EQ Pod option.  

  • Advanced pod for bioactive vapour -- perfect design that is quality controlled.
  • Smooth magnetic battery connection. 
  • Precision heated with advanced mesh tech -- perfect for Aromatherapy Terpene Infusion of the olfactory taste buds.
  • Reusable and easy to fill -- twist bottom, easily fill with included dropper, twist close.
  • Ready for immediate use.
  • Constant temperature control so no overheating or 'burning' of natural terpene flavours.
  • Full and lush flavour guaranteed with every light mouth draw.
  • Included 4 mls will last for 1-2 weeks of regular casual use.
  • Can be mixed freely. Let us know your favorite combinations :)

Pod Filling

1. Unscrew dropper cap of included vial.

2. Twist bottom section of pod.

3. Fill via either or both holes. 

4. Twist closed and use.

5. Refill as needed — good for many resuses.

Bioactive terpenes & flavonoids activate the neuro-olfactory system in your mouth, tongue, throat and nose. 
No need to draw hard into your lungs -- Mouth-to-Nose mindful puffing is best :)

  • Nine Powers™ Infusion Vapour is blended 100% from bioFlavours made by Botanic eLiquids Inc. in Portland, Oregon. 
  • bioFlavours are comprised of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) plant extracts and Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Nine Powers Infusion Vapour is 100% free of nicotine and synthetics.
  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • Consult a doctor before using if you take prescription medication.
  • This product is not intended as medicine or to treat illness.

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