Questions from a Retailer:

Thanks for great service. I am wondering how psychoactive your vapour product is. Can it be compared to a cup of strong herbal tea? Or is it just inspiration or aromatherapy? 7 ml is not much, but it lasts much longer than other types of eliquids. Is it just because it needs to be used at lower power/temperature so it produces less vapour? 

Honest Answers:

Psychoactive is usually a word best left to the alkaloid class of compounds. Terpenes are all bio-active but more subtle in general. Tea is a good example. However, Infused Vapour is like concentrated aromatherapy. So effects are distinctly felt more than via simple room diffusion.

There are tens of thousands of identified Terpenes -- it's the largest class of compounds in the living world. They tend to be more on the calming side than stimulating, though some are very much pick-me-ups.

As with all plant compounds, what is of prime importance is proper GMP processing, along with dosage and delivery. While we do not eat handfuls of pine needles or rosemary, a bit of PInene in a bioVapour™ formula, perhaps from Lemon or in wonderfully stabilising Frankincense, can be very positive in its uplifting effects. 

Traditional herbal therapies are all about ingredient proportions and strength. Gourmet soups and Indian food are examples of this, as is medicinal tea. Nine Powers Infused Vapour™ is strong and effective, with tastes blending in deliciously healthy, aromatic ways.

Organic Guild Ltd. and Botanic eLiquids Inc. strictly abide by Canada/Australia/New Zealand joint Natural Health Product Guidance regarding the safe amounts of herbal extracts in a 'daily dose' and per milliliter or per bottle for every product. These are similar to EU bio-active regulations. With the UK leaving the EU, it will likely harmonise its laws with CA/AU/NZ.

Herbal aromatics work with the Upper Respiratory System. For this reason, it is best to draw like sipping or puffing into the mouth and then breath slowly out of the nose. That is how Terpenes activate the Olfactory Neuro-Receptor System, which we now know is directly associated with the endocannabinoid system that affects immunology. 

Our VG+EO infused liquid will last much longer than synthetic eliquid you may have had experience with, generally sold as a tobacco product with nicotine. A half mil per day administered via our infuser hardware is generally plenty for most users – many consume less than that. The viscosity of vegetable glycerin, the way the product is blended, the strength and type of botanical extracts used all combine to make for long-lasting liquid while plenty of discretely satisfying infusion vapour. 

Whole-herb terpene-infused bioFlavours are effectively similar to consuming vegetables and fruit. Terpenes like Vitamins A, E & K are very much needed for a healthy body and its neuro-chemical systems, but everyone of us has a natural preference in terms of daily consumption. Vaping bioVapour™ is not addictive even though one quickly starts to enjoy it daily -- just like good food that is not laced with synthetics or too much fat/sugar/oil that trip up the natural dietary regulators we all have.

Buying essential oil in a health food store and dripping it into glycerin doesn't compare. That merely adds some drops of natural flavoring to the glycerin. bioVapour™ has a relatively strong % of whole-plant extracts infused into Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin. This is Aromatherapy taken to the next level of goodness, utilising the best in personalised bio-technology.

Vegetable Glycerin and terpenes don't easily mix so most all of the eliquid being widely sold has chemical additives. Our proprietary, high tech manufacturing process obtains a long shelf-life blend while retaining the freshness and full flavours of the valuable Essential Oils.